Playing rules of Bowling Centre


1.    Maximum of 6 players can play at the time on one lane.
2.   Customers have to use our special bowling shoes or bring their own ones (cleaned shoes or special bowling shoes).
3.   If customers like to use our shoes, they have to use the socks.If you don't have any with you, you can also buy them in our centre.
4.   There are tables with chairs for players on each lane,which they can use on specefic lane.
5.   Players can also use their own bowling balls, or use house balls. Mind that the keeper doesn't warry for condition of balls brought by player before and after the game.
6.   There is a maximum of 10 balls on the ball lifter as more balls could damage the ball lifter.
7.   Players can only use specific zone of the run-up area at the beginning of the lane, to throw the ball.Finished with the overstep line. It is strictly prohibited to enter the area behind that line as you could damage the lane!
8.   Player have to wait for the barrier in front of the pins to lift, before playing. Throwing early could damage the barrier and keeper will penalize the cost of fixes on customer's bill !
9.   In case of late ball carry-back the player is obliged to let the personal know about ball jam. Playing after balls are jammed could severely damage the machine!
10.   Mind that the beginning of the lane area in front of the owerstep line is lubricated with bowling Slide to allow players to slide just before playing the ball.

The Keeper of the bowling can stop the game if players are braking any of theese rules and charge them for time they played. All players are playing at their own risk and have to stick to theese rules!!!