Bowling price list valid from  8th,october,2010 :


                                    11,00 - 16,00                  16,00 -  23,00 (24,00 Fri,Sat)


Mon - Thu                    120,- Kč/hod                     180,- Kč/hod


FRI - SAT             150,- Kč/hod              200,- Kč/hod


SUN                            120,- Kč/hod                     180,- Kč/hod



Mind that you have to use proper bowling shoes and also socks!

You can borrow our house shoes FOR FREE . If you need to,you can buy one time use socks for as low as 5 ,- czk.

ALL shoes are cleaned with disinfection after every use. For that we use Brunswick spray disinfectors tested for this purpose.


If you want to buy your own shoes we can arrange this for you,no fee will be charged. If you're interrested please contact Mr. V. Krocil on mobile phone +420 774 805 682 , or write to us on email: